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Voting: Synoptist 2019

Dear Wetterturnier users Two days left to vote for the synoptist 2019. Alexander (bibertaler) will count the incoming votes. More information can be found in the forum: Synoptiker 2018 – Abstimmung bis 31.1.2019 All best, the WT team  

Zurich Live Data

The new Wetterturnier System was designed to automatically process all observations based on the new BUFR message standard. This worked like a charm before different institutes decided to restrict their data set. Among them is the DWD, but also MeteoSwiss. Thus, our hard-working and engaged Zurich tournament leaders always had to manually compute and enter … Continue reading Zurich Live Data

Autosubmit Changes

For all those using “auto-submit” (script based submission of the forecasts/bets) please be aware that there have been some changes due to the changeover from http to https. If you are using the old-school wget commands, please adjust your calls (“wget —no–check–certificate “…” …). If you use the small autosubmit-python package change the url in … Continue reading Autosubmit Changes

New Webcam Innsbruck

The Institute of Atmospheric and Cryospheric Sciences (ACINN) installed a new webcam on the roof of the building. It is a webcam, however, due to the atypical inclination the webcam will not be incorporated on website. However, you can always access the images using the following link: Have fun!