The Team

The Berlin Weather Forecasting Contest (BWFC) is conducted by students at the Institute of Meteorology at the Free University of Berlin in co-operation with students of the University of Vienna and the University of Innsbruck, as well as the University of Leipzig.


Juri Hubrig [e-MailProfile]
Adrian Schmidt [e-MailProfile]
Reto Stauffer [e-MailProfile] (retired)


Georg Haas [e-MailProfile]
Niko Renkosik [e-MailProfile]
Unterstützung (Backup etc.):  Thomas Dümmel, FU Berlin [e-Mail]

Team Berlin:

Robert Hausen [e-MailProfile]
Morten Kretschmer [e-MailProfile]

Team Wien:

Clemens Grohs [e-MailProfile]
Nikolas Zimmermann [e-MailProfile]

Team Zürich:

Alexander Giordano [e-MailProfile]
Urs Graf [e-MailProfile]

Team Innsbruck:

Alexander Rudolph [e-MailProfile]
Lukas Lehner [e-MailProfile]

Team Leipzig:

Thomas Barthel [e-MailProfile]
Morten Kretschmer [e-MailProfile]

Posting of certificates:

Juri Hubrig [e-MailProfile]
Dennis Schneider [e-MailProfile]

Social Media/Twitter:

Nikolas Zimmermann [e-MailProfile]
Oscar Ritter [e-MailProfile]