General rules

The aim of the competition is to forecast the weekend weather of at least one of the engaged cities as accurately as possible.  Each weekend 12 parameters have to be forecasted once for Saturday and once for Sunday. A detailed description of the parameters and the judgement can be found on the page “Parameter Judgement”.

Used station data

The judgement is based on the measurements of nearby meteorological sites. The following stations will be considered:

  • Berlin: Schoenefeld (10385), Dahlem (10381)
  • Wien: Hohe Warte (11035), Schwechat (11036)
  • Zuerich: Fluntern (6660), Kloten (6670)
  • Innsbruck: Flughafen (11120), Universitaet (11320)
  • Leipzig: Schkeuditz (10469), Holzhausen (10471)

Forecasts which lie in between the values measured by the different stations for a specific city are considered as perfect and will gain the full amount of points. For the parameter “weather states” (Wv/Wn) a forecast is scored as a perfect forecast if observed by at least one of the stations used.

Please note: due to lack of data (not observed) the following values won’t be used in the analysis:

  • Zuerich, Fluntern (6660): N,Wv,Wn will not be considered
  • Innsbruck, Universitaet (11320): N,Wv,Wn will not be considered
  • Leipzig, Holzhausen (10471): N,Wv,Wn will not be considered

Submission deadline

After registration and activation of your account you can submit your forecast using the submission form.

The submission deadline is 15 UTC with respect to the tournament scheduler. To make the tournament fair for all of our participants late submissions will typically not be accepted! If you have had technical problems or something else happened and you have not been able to submit the values please immediately contact one of our tournament administrators. If your request is only few minutes after the submission deadline the tournament administrator might (but does not have to!) accept your request.

Input error

If you submitted your forecast and notice that you submitted something wrong (obviously wrong) please contact the tournament administrator for your city. They can (but don’t have to!) change your submitted values. Please notice that changes will only be done if the inputs were obviously wrong. Requests after Friday 18 UTC will not be considered. Furthermore, incomplete bets will be deleted automatically at 23 UTC.

Any questions or something not obscure?

Well, if something is not clear to you or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Wetterturnier team, either via forum, private messages or e-mail.

We wishes you a good and exciting time on and good luck for the tournament!