New here with us?

If this is your first visit on our website let us explain what to expect here. The Wetterturnier is a weather forecast challenge with the goal to predict the weather conditions of the upcoming weekend as accurately as possible! Forecasts can be submitted for only one of the tournament cities or all of them if you wish. There will be 12 parameters which have to be predicted once for Saturday and once for Sunday. Let the battle begin!

Wo can join?

The Wetterturnier is open for all interested people! Everyone who is fascinated by weather and weather forecasts and likes to join our challenge is very welcome. No matter whether you are a pupil, student, hobby meteorologist or meteorologist by training.

To be able to participate you have to register yourself. Please note that one of our administrators has to activate your account manually. This is required to avoid spam and not to loose control in the system. Thank you for your understanding.

How does it work?

To participate you have to predict all 12 parameters for Saturday and Sunday for the upcoming weekend. Submission deadline will be Friday 15 UTC (details later on this page). Forecasts can be submitted to one or more of the tournament cities. To validate your forecast measurements of nearby meteorological stations will be used. The better your forecast is, the more points you’ll get and the hither you’ll soar up on our ranking pages! There is a detailed description how the scoring works on the parameter judgement page:

How can I join?

After you registered yourself and your account has been activated you can always come back to this website, log in and place your forecasts. In principle there will be a tournament every weekend, except for some weekends with public holidays. On the front page of you’ll find a tournament calendar which shows you when the tournaments will take place.

The forecasts or bets can be placed using the submission form. The form opens a few days before the weekend. You are allowed to submit (and change submitted forecasts) until Friday 15 UTC which is the submission deadline. The deadline therefor will be 4 o’clock during winter (central European time) and 5 o’clock during summer respectively (central European summer time).

Any questions?

If there are any questions or something is not clear to you please do not  hesitate to get in touch with the Wetterturnier team! You can reach us via e-mail, private messages or the forum.

The team from wishes you a lot of fun!