Wetterturnier runs smooth and stable

Dear users,

good news: wetterturnier.de runs smooth and stable again! After dozens and dozens of hours of optimization and software development our service is running as you (and we) expect it to run, at least in large parts. We apologize for all the chaos over the past few weeks. Many thanks to all of you who have been involved helping to fix the issues (FU, testing) and all those who sent us feedback. The feedback helped a lot!

There are still some things which require some work. The ones we are aware of:

  • auto-submitting bets does not work properly in some cases
  • some translations do not work
  • … feel yourself invited to write issues on github if you find additional problems!

I’m trying to fix the critical ones over the next few days, all non-critical things might only enter the todo list.

Some of the key changes this week

New ranking class: some problems we have been facing were related to a pretty sexy but very inefficient database query. This module has been revamped and the new ranking class runs much smoother while not using large amounts of resources on the server. This should fix the problems on the long term and also brought the trends back a lot of you have been missing over the past 2 years or so.

Secure httpd: the server is now using an ssl certificate such that your communication with wetterturnier.de is now encrypted. For those who want to be on the very safe side: think of changing your password.

GDPR: the website is now GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ready. This European law now forces you to accept our privacy policy every time you log in to wetterturnier.de. More information can be found on the DSGVO page.

Release v1.2: even if there is still some work to do, for those interested, we are currently running on the v1.2 release.

Well, have fun and report issues if you find some (preferred via github).