We are going live & Christmas Testing

Dear member

We’ll go live these days! We decided to go live (kind of an early release) these days! The next two weeks will not be official wetterturnier weekends, but we would like to open the tournament over Christmas to do some enhanced testing. The new system might be far away from perfection (by definition), but we are sure that it will enhance the usability and it ensures your and our future and allows to add some cool and enhanced features in the future. Please be so kind to write us if there is something suspicious or wrong, we’ll do our best do improve and fix the system where necessary.

Even if we have a very engaged team consisting of administrators, keen programmers and, of course, highly valued members behind us we do this as a hobby. So, if there are things you dislike or things not working please report (as detailed as you can) and be kind with us, we try to do our best to do the best for you!

All best, the wetterturnier team.