Why is the registration necessary?

To be able to make forecasts on you have to be registered. This is to prevent wild growth, hogwash and spam. Registration and participation are free of charge at any time. Please note that by registering, you accept our terms of use. Don’t panic, these are kept very simple and protect especially third party data (observation data, forecast maps, …) which are provided to us by the partners.


The activation can take a few days in the worst case. So plan a few days extra and register early enough! If there are any questions or the activation takes too long, please contact our team. After the activation, you can log in with your player name and password: After that, nothing stands in the way of submitting predictions and actively participating in the forum. Have fun!

Group membership

After you have successfully registered and been activated, you can also “apply” for groups. Such groups can be smaller groups of different weather services, but also groups of students of a certain institute. More information can be found on the info page about the weather tournament groups.