Username: Nikosik
Name: Niko Renkosik
Registered since: 30.09.2014
Biography: Diploma in Meteorology since 2010
capabilities: administrator, bbp_moderator
Type: Human player
Past group memberships: MeteoGroup, ARD-Wetterstudio
Berlin: 24 20 19
549 participations between 2010-10-15 and 2022-08-05
Average points:179.5
Median points:181.1
Max points:198.5
Min points:124.5
Standard deviation:10.1
Wien: Never participated
Zuerich: Never participated
Innsbruck: 4 2 1
56 participations between 2010-10-15 and 2012-02-10
Average points:163.9
Median points:162.8
Max points:196.5
Min points:130.4
Standard deviation:16.4
Leipzig: Never participated