Username: Georg
Name: Georg Haas
Registered since: 30.09.2014
capabilities: administrator, bbp_keymaster
Type: Human player
Past group memberships: MeteoGroup, ARD-Wetterstudio
Berlin: 68 54 45
910 participations between 2004-02-27 and 2024-07-12
Average points:175.6
Median points:178.1
Max points:197.4
Min points:102.3
Standard deviation:13.9
Wien: Never participated
Zuerich: Never participated
Innsbruck: 158 109 74
988 participations between 2004-06-04 and 2024-07-12
Average points:165.5
Median points:168.8
Max points:196.7
Min points:34.3
Standard deviation:19.4
Leipzig: Never participated